Why’s life a bitch?

Because were’ a bunch of whiny little bitches.

Why? Because we can. We bitch because we secretly find it fun. Just don’t make some dumb ass excuse like you’ve got blue balls or a period. I had a broken leg once and I was the most pleasant person to be around in the state of Texas. At least until I healed. Then I bitched like a bitch. Cause I’m a bitch.

Now on a more serious note and more sincere note, we all control ourselves. We control our bodies. Not the opposite. It’s our decisions to succumb to issues and be rude and mean and foul to others. On the net it’s fine to a degree. But actually make an effort to to be polite and pleasant IRL.

Now shut up and play with yourself. It’s the world natural anti-depressant for lonely men. Just don’t do it 42 times in a row like those dumbass new generation Brazilian kids.


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