Final lesson for the night bitch

The final lesson before I go to bed and get some fucking rest.

If you’re into religion then be tolerate of other people’s beliefs. Stop being a douche. Leave that to the pros and stop trying to use a douches weapon against them. That reverse pshycology BS don’t work IRL or real time.

If you’re an Atheist, then stop being a lil bitch and thinking you can’t be wrong. Yes. I’m speaking to you TJ. Stop being a hypocrite. Just admit you like being a douche. Join my fucking club motherfucker!!! You’ll be pretty damn fucking free after that. You need to stop being a hypocritical lil bitch and just be a lil bitch to be a lil bitch.

Now. For the most monumental and relevant yet irrelevant thing ever. Watch it. Then fuck off for the night. And remember. The way of the douche will set you free.


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