Checking your privilege

The idea of embracing and admitting to the “fact” that you have pre conceived privileges. And yet it only seems to apply to three things. Being male, being white, and most of all… Being straight (Sometimes all at once). And yet this is all coming from a “pre concieved” notion about said straight white male’s life. As if you have ESP.

This my lil douchers and douchettes, is the most retarded phrase ever spat out by privileged retarded sheltered feminsts, and radical members of the LGBT community. It’s their fancy and immature way of saying “STFU because I’ll always have a higher opinion than yours”. If you have the privileges of spewing this word whenever the hell you feel like it then either…

1) STFU and check your own privileges. Or…

2) Stop going around claiming to fight for some noble cause whenever you spew that word and just admit you like being a douche to anything that’s straight, white, or male.

Join my fucking club. It’s a lot more enlightening than going around thinking that women are goddesses no matter what and men are all pigs in one way or another. Being a douche isn’t being a pig. It’s called freedom. The freedom to be how you wanna be.

If it wasn’t for all these privileged assholes in the world who kept telling me that I’m privileged despite having only one job in my life so far and being the shitty brunt of everyones jokes in HS, I might have turned out differently. So remember kids. Bad people with privileges only come about because YOU didn’t check YOUR privilege.


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