A list of (Some) of my most hated words or phrases #1

STFU and read it all. Or you’re a fucking illiterate douchebag. Which only half of that equation is a good thing.

G-Spot: The fuck is up with this G-Spot bullshit and gynecology? Women have a G-Spot? Does this mean I have a G-Spot somewhere on my dick when I beat it? I doubt it. Unless every spot is the G-Spot and I just happen to have a G-Spot everywhere on my fucking dick whenever I feel like jerking it.


Check Your Privilege: I already made a post on this a short time ago… But seriously. You think WHITE people need to check their privilege? EVERYONE IS PRIVILEGED JUST TO BE ALIVE. So check it. And don’t bitch it.


Het Is Ew: Seriously. I understand that hetero relationships can get boring for shippers after the god damn huge abundance of works that have those. But “ew”? Of all stances to take on it, you decide to be a closed minded biggot who hates anything, everything, anyone, and everyone heterosexual in fiction? Spare me the hypocrisy and the asinine sinful flaw of your bullshit dick slapping and cunt licking views. At least don’t make an excuse for it. Just admit you hate it because you’re a jerk and not because “OH I DON SEEN IT ALL AND NOTHIN ELSE IN DA GENRE IS GONNA BE DIFFERENT OR GOOD!!!”. We’re all jerks around here.


You just jelly: The fuck? You couldn’t come up with a less immature, pre pubescent, kindergarten way to say “You’re just jealous”? The internet is filled with noobs to a T. Like literally. Fucking literal noobs who haven’t been able to mentally age past the age of 7 where a kid would have to sneak outside just to say Hell in a prayer like “Dear God. Please don’t send me to Hell with Satan” just because his stereotypical old white ass, tight ass Republican parents think a kid dies and goes to hell whenever they say hell.


Scans or it didn’t happen: While I agree mostly with this, I FUCKING WANNA PUNT A SATANIC BABY IN THE BALL SACK every time I fucking hear them use that excuse on sites like Moviecodec when they don’t even try to back up their OWN statements. They just jump right to SCAN OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. Little putrid, fucking self entitled, chocolate milk indulging shits. At least TRY to make me believe you when you say shit like “Pre Genin Sasuke would rape the shit out of Goku”.


Shipping wars: Most putrid war ever right alongside the ever hated console wars. Fucking leave other peoples shipping rights to themselves. They have the same level of right to ship Naruto with Hinata as much as you have the right to take a shit every morning. Or in other words as much right as you have to ship Naruto with Sasuke or Sakura. Hell, even when the ship makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE, like shipping a yuri character with a hetero character (Or basically the same as shipping her with an ordinary house pet), it’s still within their rights. Your rights do not entail the right or ability to enforce YOUR laws (Not the worlds laws) onto them. If you think otherwise then you must either be or think you’re Jesus-Fucking-Christ. Even taking a Yaoi character and a female, and shipping the shit out of that fucked up ship is still within their own free will and rights. So to all you shippers out there who treat it as more than a game and as something to be treated like a serious political debate, all I can say is a quote from Shakespeare.

“A plague upon your epileptic visage!
Smile you my speeches, as I were a fool?
Goose, if I had you upon Sarum plain,
I’ld drive ye cackling home to Camelot.”

Essentially it’s titled as “Fuck you retard. Let’s fight.”


U mad bro: Yes. I’m fucking mad. Why the fuck you gotta ask such a rhetorical question? I’m mad enough to strap your newborn baby to a chair and make him watch you piss blood as I pound the ever lasting piss water out of your nutsack with a sledge hammer. Well maybe not that mad. Or am I? But either way, shut the fuck up. You’re mad enough to use that term so I’m mad enough to wanna ruin any future children you might make. Possibly…


International Castration Day: Seriously. The day when I believe that the femitheist is right for trying to dwindle down all but a select few men for servant status, is the day that woman don’t bitch at eachother and other people when they’re on their period. Not gonna happen. Reducing population ain’t solving shit. Stopping population growth is. Just stop fucking so much and opening your god damn vags and it’ll be fine. And stop letting your dicks hang out of your somewhat baggy pants.

Yuri: The concept is great and all. But the fucking term nowadays just means rabid lesbotard to me now. So many Yuri fans I know are absolutley obsessed with it that they let shit like gender determine whether or not a series is good. How the fuck does whether or not Goku is a girl or a man determine whether or not the series is good or not? What if Madoka was a guy and Homura was a girl but still had the same convictions to save Madoka? It’s not the gender that makes the show quality. It’s the concepts and actions. It would still be as great as ever if it were a hetero, lesbian, or gay subtext centered series. The concepts quality is not determined by gender. Except for the fans who are utter haters of the opposite sex or something simply because of gender bias. But those people need to be hung from the neck down. They hardly ever have REAL legitimate reasons for their hate. Let’s say they mention that they’ve been raped. Most who I know who are haters of the opposite sex told me something like that. Can you guess how many were lying to me? 85% were. And 60% of the ones who were lying to me, were actually raped by women. And in their moments of weakness and broken spirit, were brainwashed by these women. But aside from theories, I still hate the majority of Yuri fans I’ve talked to over the years. But I have plenty of Yuri series I’ve watched and liked. Still working on remembering EVERY one I watch to make a list out of. Same for the Yaoi series. But remember kids. A perfect and better by nature relationship is the FANTASY of Yuri. Not the reality. For all we know they may end up breaking up later after the series end (Unless it goes into their elder life) and getting with different girls (Or sometimes men) So don’t bitch at me about how perfect Yuri is. Cause it ain’t. A good pizza and a beer is perfect. This? Not so much.

Look at her. She got a taste of the Yuri. Now does she look HAPPY or perfect to you?

Yaoi: Similar issues. Now fuck off and read the next.

Ecchi Harem: Super large abundance. And the fans I know are mostly just as bad as the Yaoi and Yuri ones. Bar a few. But most of em are complete and utter tools. You give em a dakimakura of a moe harem anime chick and they’ll shit their pants and stomp on Dragon Ball Z or Rurouni Kenshin for not being a super moe harem anime. Fucking losers. The fans I know are basically as retarded as it looks in the pic. All girls school one boy? -_-

Boom Headshot: Fuck you. Seriously. I can’t begin to fucking tell you how many fucking little pissing shits run up to me and scream “BOOM! HEADSHOT!!!” after slapping me in the back of the head when I’m sitting on a bench enjoying a nice hot coffee. One time in high school I had a hot coffee with me and actually pantsed another student for doing that right down to his little wang-a-lang-ding-a-long, and scorched his nutsack and 2 inch erect cock with that god damn coffee. Fuck you and you other “First-Person-Shooter” faggly little munchkins.

Last one before I end it for the day and come up with a new list later on.

Still a better love story than Twilight: I KNOW THAT ALREADY. STOP FUCKING TALKING TO ME ABOUT TWILIGHT. I NEVER FUCKING WATCHED IT PAST HALF THE FIRST MOVIE. SO STFU AND STOP SAYING THAT TO ME. Unless you’re a close friend or some shit. But I’ll be the decider of that. Now fuck off with Twilight. I don’t want to hear about it anymore. Jacob is shirtless and Edward is impotent for all but like the third movie. I don’t give a shit.



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