What I hate most in an anime/manga/light novel

Characters who are useless. And not the characters who are contextually useless based on established character traits that play an impact on story. But the type of character who’s only purpose is to show up every now and then and make him or herself a bitch.

Such as this pretty little piece of piss water.

Her purpose is to literally be a bitch to the main character and to be almost as bitchy towards the others. All she does is spend her time talking about her preconceived notions on how perverted the main character is to the point of calling him things like “the maggot that festers in the bowels of the filthy male genitalia”. Literally every time she shows up it seems to be all she ever does besides the occasional battle assistance with her hermaphrodite girlfriend . But she doesn’t do anything else to help the cast. Pathetic. Seriously the second most pathetic character I’ve had the displeasure of seeing on a screen or in a book, second only to Shiraume Ume from Ben-To. Think of her as a violent version of this blue haired bitchass. But with black hair and a bit easier to trigger. The MC only has to talk to someone in the same radius as her or any other female and she slaps him and asks permission after she slaps him. Basically both one has an obsessive compulsive order to be a bitch, while the other has the most disgusting treatment of anything male simply because she’s evil and deserves to die.  These might just be the Tumblr users of the fictional world.

If I could actually hang them from the neck down and gut them like fishes, then hang them again with their own entrails, I would. So long as I don’t get into trouble for it. But it would probably be worth it.

But I’ll never know…

Now fuck off. Or jerk off. Or you could get revenge on these bitches by jerking off to male fantasy pics of these freaks on shitty porn sites like Rule34 or Gelbooru.


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