Anyone remember?

Anyone remember this old short motherfucker?

Used to be the king of Youtube. And now everyone except for his religious followers remember him for being more than that guy who stole viral videos and reviewed them. Not that I cared. I laughed. Didn’t give a rats ass about his “stealing” the videos. Cause if it weren’t for him a lot of those vids would still be in the gutter of the internet. And an entertaining reviewer to me usually needs some more material than him talking. At least some images.


how bout these retarded ADHD mental mofo’s?

Anyone remember that group called Smosh? The group that used to be known for being hilarious? But now most people remember them for being that group of bozos that have daily seizures of facial expressions that seem like they’re tripping balls. Still funny to me. Just not as funny as my first time. Like having sex for the first time. First time you feel like you’re peeing without peeing (Or you gotta take a piss) and then you asplode all over the inside of a vajajay or an ass. But then… Ehh… It starts to feel more like you penis is just really warm and you’re about to shot a tiny airsoft pellet out. At least that’s how it is for me.


How bout this angry pissed of motherfucking, rat piss ingesting, putrid anal, yeast guzzling, cunt fucking douchebag?


Anyone else remember that one guy called AVGN? Don’t hate his vids. Love em. But he’s still starting to get a little bland eh? Like seriously. His vidz need to stop being about NES games or other old systems. When he starts reviewing recent games as a regular thing, like actually review them as a recurring theme in episodes, like he just evolved or something from the AVGN to the ANGN (Angry New Game Nerd), then I’ll cream inside my neighbors panties after I steal em. Also waiting for his movie to come out in on September 2nd. Fucking waited long enough. Like waiting for a bitch or dick who isn’t putting out.

How bout that barrel hating barrel racist?

Pewdiepie. Okay fuck this. Everyone probably remembers this guy because he’s probably still pretty new and big to the community. Fucking barrel ass racist. Picking on fucking barrels and their barrel whore families. Fucking retarded redbarrel southren lil bitch. Teach him to talk shit about my barrel friends! Only I get to do that! Penis.


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