Guess What?

MLP sucks. Because I’m a douche. And I said so.

And I go onto porn sites just to type words into the search function that couldn’t possibly be porn related words. Like Super Pooper Scooper. Or The Murakami Kai. The most painful non existent sex manuver.


4 thoughts on “Guess What?”

    1. And how many do you think give a shit that you don’t give a shit? Not many. Welcome to the club of not giving a shit. Here’ is where everyone is a nobody in reality, and a fake somebody online. You can be as big a nobody as people like RayWilliamJohnson! Or even as big as the next biggest Youtuber. Don’t know about Pewdiepie though. Considering people claim that he saved their lives. Either from suicide or from actual outside dangers. But remember. No one gives a shit. Cause your on the freakin internet.


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