Slice the motherfuckin pie.

As the title says. Now fuck off and slice.

No seriously. Get signed the fuck up onto this site. It’s about reviewing music. And getting paid a tiny bit of revenue for each review. So for fucks sake. Do it… I guess I should explain some things first thought. Dumbasses.

First off, don’t give half assed reviews. Less chance of it being rejected as a review. Make it well thought out and talk about many of the aspects of music that each song meets up to or tries to. And keep in mind that you only have to listen to 90 seconds of it.

And whatever you do, don’t have multiple tabs open for review. That’s apparently liable to get you banned.

Second of all, the energy meter is for how many reviews you can make in a short time. Once the energy is drained from too many, you have to wait 3 minutes to replenish the energy.

You have a rank. Your rank determines the payment per review. If you’re bronze then I suppose the highest you could expect might be 5-10 cents max with 1 being the lowest for the most low brow review. If you’re silver like me, then you can make at least 8 (Not so common with a good review) to 12 or 13 cents. If you’re gold, I’ve heard you could even make up to 20 for a really good review (Not good as in score of the song but good as in the quality of the review. Morons). Some I’ve heard even get the chances to make 50 cents per review. Quality based reviews of course.

Once you earn 10 bucks, you can withdraw to your Paypal. So after knowing this, then enjoy, and good luck, ya fucking pricks. Make the douche king (That’s me) proud. Whore yourselves out to tons of artists and give em some honest reviews. But don’t give em bad reviews that have low scores. Gotta remember that each genre is a market itself.

Oh, and word of advice. REFER. The more people who sign up through the specific link you’re given to share, will let you get a revenue equal to 15% of their reviews. I think. For the first 60 days. After that it’s 10%. Don’t think it changes to nothing. Just to 10%. POST TO FB AND TWITTER ALOT. WHORE. WHORE YOURSELF OUT AS AN ADVERTISER. Bitches. And make dat paper.

Fuck off and take the money.
Makin dat paper.

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