ATN NVM14-4 Gen 4 Night Vision Multi Purpose Monocular

This is the ATN NVM14-4 Gen 4 Night Visions Multi Purpose Molecular Scope.

This is the list for all the purposes proposed by the seller.

  • Professional quality night vision device (NVD), frequently used by tactical law enforcement teams and elite soldiers in the field
  • Versatile unit can be handheld, or mounted on head, helmet, or firearm; compatible with most infrared (IR) laser aiming and illuminating devices
  • Innovative Total Darkness Technology, with built-in IR illuminator for use when there’s no ambient light; Automatic Brightness Adjustment System constantly maintains IIT brightness levels
  • Front lens focusing ring adjusts for different distances, such as surveillance vs. map reading; diopter adjustment focuses eyepiece lens from -6 diopters to +2 diopters to allow for different eyesight levels
  • This item is restricted for sale to the state of California and outside the US; export outside the US is not allowe

As you can see the item itself has some great qualities. You’d be happy with it. I tried it at my friends house. And it worked pretty good. So buy it and happy shooting! And I know it looks expensive and all. But these are FIREARM accessories. You can’t just let any mook buy one and use it for some kind of dirty dark motives.


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