Get more drive for your buck

Need a hard drive? Need something better that lasts longer than your typical hard drive garbage and has no spinning disc and makes for a more quiet experience? Then go to Amazon and purchase this great deal on a series of large and nice Solid State Drives! Here’s your link and your product info below. Happy shopping.

You’ve got 4 types to choose from and each one is twice the size of the other! And all the shipping is free!

You’ve got your typical 125 gig drive for $88.39.

After that you have the 250 gig drive and it costs a measly $139.00. All well and good.

Then you’ve got the 500 gig one all for $229.99.

Finally you have the whopping 1 TB for 439.58.

Considering the quality comparison to hard drives and solid state drives I’d say that Amazon has great deals going on. Maybe not for you. But it won’t hurt to try. So get outta here and buy. Buy like you never bought before!


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