Snack Pack retards are out and about.

This has gotta be the weirdest thing I’ve ever come across, living in the apartment building I’ve been in, with the most retarded of retards I’ve met in real life. Even more retarded than the Yuri, Yaoi, and Het fags that I know… And that’s saying a lot.

So I’ve been up all night so far. Can’t fucking sleep since I intend to sleep like a bitch tomorrow (All day and night) so that I can be rested for work on Wednesday (And I have to work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). But what I’ve come across is easily the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen in this place.

Since the internet won’t reach inside my fucking room, like the scum bag internet it is, I have to lug my huge ass desktop (Can’t afford a laptop that I want right now) and an external monitor to the desk at the middle of the staff area in the lobby area of the floor I live on (Not that staff is ever on this floor). I take a few minutes to go back to my room to beat my meat. When I come back, there’s a shit ton of “cold as ice” snack packs sitting on the desk with a pack of jalapeno flavored cheese sticks.

Cold as ice. Retards.

Being the type of douche I am, I go around with a megaphone, megaphoning the wors “IF YOU ARE THE OWNER OF THESE SNACK PACKS AND CHEESE STICKS, THEN GET THEM THE FUCK OFF OF MY DESK AND AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER”. No one even so much as left their rooms.

I then decide to check underneath the cracks in ALL their doors, and to my surprise, not a single one is awake.

So I’m lead to assume two things.

Either god is like “Yo nigga, I got you some snacks! I know you begged for a 25,000 dollar deposit into yo bank account, but I think these snack packs and cheese sticks’ll do the job! Oh, and dat empty ass cheezeit’s box.”

Or Some retard ass motherfucker was stupid enough to leave their snack packs here. It’s been about 2 hours since I saw these things here (Which I donated a crappy mini fridge just to TRY and keep em cold.) and not a single person came back for em. I ate one of each. Maybe it’ll teach em to leave their shit in their fucking rooms. God damn re-re’s.

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Crocs Classic Clog


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