A sad fact of life.

Most Yuri fans are Yurifags.

Most Yaoi fans are Yaoifags.

Most het fans are hetfags.

Sad isn’t it? Sad that these people exist and refuse all games, anime, and manga just because males/females/or non harems exist and are shown, reminding them that they exist. If you want to say that males don’t belong or deserve to live, go fuck yourself. Better yet, go find a taser and put it to your ballsack or cooch and tase yourself. Pain is the only shit you deserve.

If you hate female presence in the same fashion as a disgusting Satan spawned Yurifag hates males for “being” things they’re not, then do the same.

And if you can’t stand not having a god damn harem story to self insert into so you can masturbate to, then you need to just get your sorry ass laid. Go find a hooker who offers her medical history.

Now all of you kindly fuck off, and get out of your fantasy world. The majority of women are not evil. The majority of non harem ecchi shows are not shit. And the majority of males are not evil pigs who can’t please women, because you think everyone’s gay. If you want to think that way then I’ll just be a bigot myself (A real one and not some joke bigot).

You women, men, and getfags are the spawn of Satan. Yuri, Yaoi, and Hetero are all filthy Satan spawned shit. How many times have I been told that Absolute Obedience is a masterpiece of intellectual property? More than I need to be told and lied to. How many people tell me Dragon Ball Z is shit because it lacks the moe harem-ness of the ecchi genre? More times than I can count. And more broken noses than you can count. And how many people told me that Sono Hanabira is the prime example of why Yuri is beyond even god and is the purest form of love on the planet without any disgusting abnormalities like “penises” (When penises are just as much abnormalities as vaginas), or not involving any disgusting depictions of bodily fluids? More times than anyone can count.

Sono Hanabira is not pure. It’s full of piss drinking and rape scenes. Except a few exceptions. But that doesn’t decide the series as a whole.

Absolute Obedience is not the intellectual property you people claim it as. It’s not even on the intellectual ability of Dragon Ball Z. And despite my love for DBZ, that’s sad.


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