How to write women well.

Think of a man. And you take away reason and accountability. That sums up the typical “feminist” fantasy of today. And I use the term Feminist OH SO VERY LOOSELY.

As good as it gets is a really good movie. Watch it. Chumps.

Now for a random question. Do you feel the anime fanbases are being more on the Fandom side of the fandumb side?

Leave you answer below.


4 thoughts on “How to write women well.”

  1. Depends on the anime really. Every fandom is gonna have terrible people, so it’s more a question of which fandom is still tolerable (Gintama) and which fandom has totally ruined the joy of the show entirely (Bleach). Then again I’m an anime snob so what the hell do I know anyway.


      1. Well, I think that’s one of the defining factors in what makes a fandom horrible in the first place. The more popular something gets, the more vocal the fandom becomes. The more vocal they are, the more they drown out any dissent. They become cocky and defensive. It’s like a cult, and they use that hivemind to become the most annoying, awful group of people. I think that’s why a lot of people have taken to using the modifier of “I’m a fan of [insert anime], but I’m not in the fandom”. That’s when you can tell a fandom is out of control.


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