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Daily Lives Of Retarded Boys.

Don’t let the title fool you. I thoroughly enjoyed this anime more than you can imagine. I believe I can say that without a doubt, Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys is my favorite anime ever. Because it doesn’t pander to feminist retards and pussy whipped, dickless mangina, sjw, white knighting faglords.

Just like how I did with my first time seeing Nichijou in full, I marathoned Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys.

And I got mostly the same experience except it felt more like an actual satire on many overused anime tropes. Like the tropes you like are idiotic and degenerated. And this show constantly needs to remind you of that. And it was funny as hell. It’s the only anime that I’ve seen that is geared towards a cast of guys that isn’t as much Yaoi material, and still maintains a funny cast of females too. Though they lack as much screen time. And they are also portrayed as a satire. Mainly IMO on overly Dellusional images of female characters. Whether it be through the eyes of people who always think they’re amazing no matter what, or the high school boys who view them due to prior bullying as monsters. And some of em really are.

Favorite females would probably be Habara and Yassan (the literary girl). As far as males go, my favorites were Hidenori Tabata and Toshiyuki Karasawa. Hidenori is really out there, if you catch my drift, and Toshiyuki isn’t above taking revenge on borderline Feminazi female characters for a past transgression. Not that he actively seeks it. But if given the chance, Toshiyuki will try a Kinniku Buster on them. He’s a rare guy who actually seems like he has some non semi castrated testicles.

maxresdefault (7)

Toshiyuki is number one wrestler in all Japan…

The other male characters were all good to me. The female student council president was kind of bland and really annoying. Always trying to one up some guy and having an overzealous imagination of some false superiority.

Overall, this is probably the most realistic slice of life I’ve seen that doesn’t lose all interest by giving a decent amount of comedy. Most I’ve seen are just about cute girls doing cute things with just… Either unimaginative humor or lacking all things but a massive dose of LSD. Nichijou to me is a great example of one as well that makes me happy to live. Mostly because the choice in music and the characters interactions mixed in. Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys just gave me that and a more genuine satire feel. Just not as fast paced and outrageous. So a more intellectual feel but still retarded at times. But that’s why it’s there. To remind me why it’s retarded to see those things in other anime played up the amount of times they are. The same tired tropes that sometimes make me wish that anime, and it’s fandumb that scream for more generic moe, yuri, yaoi, and hetero romances instead of taking the time to make good quality ones,¬†were dead.