Most retarded people on the interwebz

Here. Take a look at these forums to see EVERYONE, or most, go full retard. Place on the list will be decided by civility and ability to comprehend people’s opinions without shitting all over them. Like if a Yurifag on a forum says she/he thinks a game is shit for having a male protagonist, then tell that person to go fuck themselves. The higher the list, the worse off they are. So it’s always gonna be updated.

1:Youtube Community: It’s filled with all kinds of people who you can argue with about all kinds of bullshit. But at least you have a distraction. That sweet ass video of LA Beast tearing his own beard off. All while some raging feminazi tries to talk shit about how men don’t really hurt when they wax a beard, and women have it worse by nature.

2: Any of these sites like Animevice, Comic Vine, & Myanimelist.

3: Nisamerica Forums: They have some good managers over there sure. But the users who aren’t admins or such… Totally off their rockers. They hide their bias, and retarded bias at that, quite well. But when you see them reveal their true natures in posts, while they try to make the words tiny through bbcode (As if we won’t see it and think you’re an awesome and a person with decent tastes), you tend to see their bias and unjustified opinions after enough witnessing of their bias and hatred of either the male race (The Neptunia fanatic side to the forums), or anything to do with something that falls under a disagreement. These aren’t really people you would want to ever associate with in real life. Nor on forums. But there are some good people that I’d have the back of covered, anytime.

4: Moviecodec forums (Aka: The Lounge Forums): What can I say… These people are all about randomly referring to you as a retarded faggot, or a dumbass pile of shit. One moment someone says you’re shit. The next they pretend it never happened and call you a good guy. And then they try and think they’re clever. They do shit like looking at a thread called “Rate the above avatar and sig”, and they rate someones a 4/10. But then say 8/10 just because they got pizza in the sig… Full blown retard.

5:4Chan (Any any of the Mediafags there or anywhere): these people are so retarded that almost every comment is the most vulgar or sexist thing ever (Sexist against men and women). They’re filled with Yurifags, Yaoifags, and Hetfags all around. Even Haremfags. And even Ecchifags. Oh, yeah. And a lot of lolifags too. People who watch and fap to YuruYuri of all things… Maybe that on girl who’s got giant tits despite being in sixth grade. I can see why some might get turned on simply because she got dem tities. But seriously. Don’t tell people you fap to that. We don’t need to know. And the cops don’t either. So don’t go telling them. And yes. The government is watching you through your webcam and such and seeing what you do. But they don’t give a shit if you don’t lay dem hands on no girls underage. It’s the cops who’ll cut you up for having thoughts alone. But they don’t have the knowledge that the CIA does. So be careful where you proclaim your desire to jizz in the pussies of those sixth graders like Himawari Furutani. She’s got big breasts sure.


But that don’t make her ready for the D. Let alone your D. So remember kids. Big boobs, doesn’t make it right to fap to someone. But does it make it wrong? Only if you plan on touching a 12-13 year old with you penis in real life (And you’re an adult. Which would be even worse.)


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