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Yuri: When was it ever “good”?



So… I saw a post trying to compare that new Steam release for the Hanabira series… To Metal Gear. Says it’s the Metal Gear Solid of Yuri. And it got me thinking about something. When was Yuri ever good? First I’ll show you what I wanted to post on the Steam review. Then I’ll go into more detail about the Genre.

1: This game series is by far not such a thing. It has like zero interaction, About as much interaction as a Metal Gear Solid game where you just push a stick forward and click one button and Snake is just running on his own and no scoping everything as if he had a bot running his aiming. They lack a bad end for not making the main expected choices, and there are no penises to qualify an asinine name like Solid Snake to be anything like Metal Gear. Unless it’s got a hunk of a dude rescuing the president or some shit, it’s a shit statement to call this the Metal Gear of anything.

2: Metal Gear is pure quality. This series is known for glorifying lesbians raping lesbians (Female double standards), lesbians peeing on lesbians, and lesbians being extremely neurotic and impossible to understand. Sometimes I can barely call these girls “lesbians” since I feel they would have been just as satisfied if they were getting cocked by a 7 inch Otacon. Seriously. They always seem to be wet and ready for sex even when no one is around. They fuck everywhere and anywhere in their series. And if a woman is that wet all the time, it tends to actually physically feel good. And they never seem to outright state a hatred for males. Just that one of them has a hatred for cheating at times to the point she’ll kill her lover and then herself. So this game is hardly known for quality. More so mediocrity.

3: Nanomachines, Son.

Secondly, please stop trying to pedestal Yuri. I get it. You lonely blue pillers are so blue pilled up that you, as the male demographic of these games, think a lack of males is some kind of saving grace. I get that you think that misandry is a good thing. That you think that male’s are inherently muhsogynistic. That you think that no pure woman would want a penis. That you think that girls and only girls are a good thing and better than diversity (The actual spice of life). That you think that if you want to gain the affections of a woman, then it can only be from either becoming a girl, or being so effeminate that you might as well be gay.

But to compare this to Metal Gear is like trying to compare American Psycho to The Room by Tommy Wiseau. Both have a sort of cult following (While in Metal Gear’s case bigger than a cult). But only one has that following and is actually any good based on written quality and intellectual prowess on the writers part.

Got it? Only White Knights and beta male mangina’s like this series past wanting to fuck all the chicks themselves. Because you can’t like a quality that doesn’t exist.

That’s what I would have said if the character limit on Steam comments wasn’t 1,000 characters or less. But man. How fucking full of the Yuri fever do you have to be to think that Yuri has ever been comparable to a long running series of the quality of Metal Gear? Not only does Metal Gear update on a time schedule that allows for proper time to make a great story, it uses resources well.

And Yuri fans from what I see are mostly weeaboo meme shitting freaks anways.


Yuri is more like that one neurotic mom who’s every now and then tolerable. And other times she seems like she’s trying to be tolerable, but only being a chaotic mess of contradictory to one another attempts at being tolerable.

Yuri hasn’t had the best track record. Either slice of life pizza slices that give Weeaboo’s diabete’s and take no intellectual capability to make past knowing some inside jokes and having a decent artist that can entice weeaboo lolicons, or it’s an attempt at an intellectual story that only goes full potato with it’s overly cringe worthy character motivations, plot twists, and character interactions.

Take Kannazuki No Miko for example. Awesome mecha but tossed into a horrible overly greasy mess of a story. It was so balls deep in shit that the Youtube channel Anime Balls Deep would have a fucking field day with that.

The blue haired main girl, Chikane, is like a paragon for Feminazi’s on “strong independent womyn” and yet she lives off of her families money, is some Mary Sue who’s loved by all and yet has some shitty woobie story thrown in, and she’s good at so many things, but can’t for the life of her be any good at knowing how to not be a man hating shit. If Souma wasn’t a man, she’d probably have no problems letting Himeko get saved by her. Since she represents a fanbase that thinks that “if you spend so much time around a real man you’re bound to wanna fuck em” or some shit. They can’t fathom the idea that a lesbian isn’t some purest form of love that can stand the test of time, but think that if you put a man in a main role that doesn’t lead to him getting shafted in terms of how he ends up then it’ll make the series go full harem or some shit.

Himeko is some indecisive emotion and morality sue who can’t decide to do shit, can’t seem to do shit on her own, like when Murakumo just decides to shit itself out to do the job it’s supposed to do, and she can’t seem to just nut up and tell Souma that “sorry. You’re princess is in another series where you’re appreciated and the story is better and we abducted you just to shit all over you”.

Souma is like that one guy who’s a mix of an alpha male and White Knight beta who does good things and is only a beta because he’s being spoonfed shitty ideologies, but will eventually just stop giving a shit about romance and tell the world to fuck itself. Like going #MGTOW or something.

Kannazuki No Miko is like that one Yuri that tries to be super edgy but fails at being really edgy and just goes full cringe edge on you. The girls are hot enough to want to fuck, but the story is so cringe worthy that you can’t see any other reason to watch it othet than to say “Damn I wish I could have sex with Chikane and Himeko” or to say “I wish I could pilot a mecha like Souma and ride a bike like him”.

And the sad thing is that no matter what someone tells you, Yuri is far from being that “underrated genre that not enough people care about”.

From my experience it works like this.

Yuri Vs Yaoi: Mainstream wise Yuri has the most backing and audience. The doujin’s have the most Yaoi which involve not only fanfic level self made manga’s that are basically free advertising with the right credits, but also indie works that don’t go mainstream. Yuri has an easier time going mainstream. Especially subtext shows with little to no presence from males.

Yuri Vs Hetero: Hetero has the edge here. But not enough to where you can say people prefer it by a norm. Most anime fans I’ve seen watch it because it’s the biggest in terms of content. Not because of a preference. Especially in this day and age of PC bullshit. They watch it for the girls. Anyone telling you they watch it because it has enticing romance is probably lying on most occasions. Now I will say that the het stuff has had less cringe worthy stories. Just not very developed at times. But not as cringe worthy. But most fans watch it to fap to the girls and ship them with other girls. Only the vanilla fags of the doujin communities ship the MC like hotcakes. Most forum goers and most people I’ve met say they prefer Yuri since they think it means you’re a faggot to like to see hetero sex. Even if it’s for logical reasons like “envy” and a desire to be the man in the sheets with the girl.

This is pretty much why Yuri has such a horrible track record to me. Because it lacks any intellectually knowledgeable writers, and it has at times, the cringe factor of your average fanfic.

Now for all the anally injured PC Yuritards who think that by not worshiping the vagoo of the great and mighty poo that is Yuri, then here. I have a gift for you.



Gynocentricism And Anime

You know what anime is. You know what gynocentricism is? No? Then here’s the lay out.

Gynocentricism is the prioritization of females in society. Essentially. I guess. In English it means their problems are given priority regardless. Meaning no one cares about the men.

Scholars Katherine K. Young and Paul Nathanson state that ideologically, the overriding focus of gynocentrism is to prioritize females hierarchically, and as a result may be interpreted as misandry (the hatred and prejudice towards men). Feminist calls for equality or even equity are often, according to them, a subterfuge for gynocentrism.-Wikipedia.

So basically the shit that Feminists really want. And already have. They get to accuse without proof, evidence, or anything. Based on their word alone. Men? As if. They get to have over 1500 rape help organizations and shelters in this country of America alone. Men? Only 1. And they continue to get more and more, along with endless supplies of female only funding from the government. What else? Oh yeah. Get this, the draft still affects you even if it doesn’t exist right now. Cause if you didn’t sign up as a man, then you can’t vote. And you can’t apply for a lot of government fundings unless you agree to voluntary suicide. Women? They get these benefits just because they exist.

Now how does this play into our anime? It’s with the fans thats support the anime industry and the state of the Japanese county if the millions of online articles are to go buy.

Currently Japan is having some shitty times because men are becoming herbivores. Basically Japanese versions of MGTOW’s. The Prime Minister is now having to ask the Generation Z, and many women in general, to pick up the slack because the herbivore count is rising to a staggering degree. And who’s fault is it? Some might say “MEN!”. But that’s you’re retarded brainwashed SJW Feminist side talking. Men aren’t the problem. Government is. The government spent a lot of time prepping generation Z women into being too self entitled. Or else we wouldn’t have tons of interviews with female citizens and women in general who say they refuse to marry a man who doesn’t have like a 6 figure salary and good looks. Looks is one thing. But a 6 figure salary typically is only owned by men who’ve been in a business for a long time. And men are given nothing but shitty encouragement with no profit to be married. Just to bring more births in. And yet they fail to realize that giving children doesn’t benefit the man. It benefits the woman sure. Because with children she can receive more funding. More funding that wastes the damn economy. And the men are also having to work more and more for less and less for women who cost more and more due to Hypergamy. So men are leaving a country that actively demonizes them for so many stupid things that many years ago would not even see the light of day in their lives. The supposed days when men were actually respected and listened to about problems, and they’re leaving because the country is actively trying to make it harder for them to live married or unamarried. Nothing but attempts to make it hell for them.

Now this plays into anime since anime is a booming industry and influences younger people quite a bit. And even anime companies have to pay taxes. And if they don’t let the government step in, then they get a boot up the ass. So the government makes the industries place bullshit like male bashing. The bashing that happens when a woman intrudes in a place that isn’t her property, and suddenly she’s a strong woman for beating him up. The same bullshit that portrays women in a good light despite the unbridled hypocritical Misandrist shit that many harem ecchi shows fall into, the same shit that has so many men being portrayed as villains with very few good role models, or just faceless soldiers who die when it comes to anime involving wars, and the same shit that pervades its way into commercials in the west where even when a woman strikes first, the man is worse instead of just as bad for attacking back, even when he hit less. This is why Japan is failing. Because of it’s political agenda against the male populace and their attempts to brainwash them into believing this romanticized female that doesn’t exist in Japan. This female of purity doesn’t exist because they raise their women in a way that doesn’t allow said female to exist. And this female exists in anime.

Typically they exist in the sense that they share half the personality of a real life female. They share the shit side. Now maybe in anime a female can learn, but they typically don’t get made to learn the right way. They may start off being extremely volatile, but later in the story they change. But it’s usually a mask. They don’t change. They just mask it up to make sure that they don’t lose what they have now. Which could be a marriage. So you can actually picture a female in an anime losing her shit down the road and just ruining a mans life and not giving a shit.

Japan is essentially on the verge of crashing and might have to outsource. So that whole issue with foreigners might change, and to keep their females from pissing their pants and having to work the same 12 to 16 hour shifts that keep men from seeing their kids 5 or 6 days a week, they may have to outsource work to you, and may have to allow Americans, Canadians, Britains, ETC to just waltz in and become citizens. Kind of like how America has to cover for the lack of men in Stem fields (Because of a refusal to stop the bullshit of lowering standards for women when it comes to what it takes to get into it, and the refusal to encourage men to stick with it regardless of whether females are offended or not even when they don’t want those jobs sometimes) with H-1B Visa’s and experienced Asian temp workers.

So maybe your weeaboo fantasy of living in Great Nippon of purity might come true. Just don’t be angry at me if you find yourself contemplating to add to Japan’s sky rocketing and vastly larger majority of male suicides compared to women.


Hipster Weeaboo Epidemic

Been a long time since I did anything with this blog. Time for a lecture by your assholian savior.

But I cam back with a post.

Weeaboo’s. They’re like trolls. They used to be classy… Okay that’s a fucking lie. They were always the most contrived shit. But ever since Otaku’s came about and out of the closest like a gay man during an argument with his dad over Rambo’s chest, Weeaboo’s thought it was a good idea to come out.

And damn are they fucking stupid. They’re basically the Tumblr of the entire anime community. And now, I fear they may be the majority. They’re hipsters. Hypocrites. Degenerates. Anything you can imagine. Take a good look at some forums.

Animesuki is lined with tons of these guys. In fact, I’ll list a list below of the common “tropes” of the these guys. They are one variety of Weeaboo after all. And I may or may not actually come up with the names for these tropes that are tropes only on this blog.

  • If It’s Him, Then NTR Away: This is a trope that they commonly practice where they claim to hate NTR. But they will always say things like “If *insert X character here* is doing it, then we support it.” As long as they are able to self insert in the spotlight, they they’ll love it. Hipster faggots. This attitude is prevalent in MarySue/GaryStu fiction like Highschool DxD and Infinite Stratos since those are escapist fantasies. And imagining yourself stealing so many women is a man’s wet dream now isn’t it?
  • It’s Not A Mary Sue Even If He Is One!: This is common with, once again, DxD and Infinite Stratos. Things like that. They will constantly refer to how Issei or Ichika are not Mary Sue’s or Gary Stu’s. And yet as someone said on a Forum I’ve been frequenting…

It started out pretty good, had a nice setup, even a bit of decent drama with Issei getting murdered by one hot chick then revived by another (the light novels actually do something with this plot point by having Issei be afraid to get close to women despite his perviness due to his understandable fear that if he lets down his guard, he gets shanked again, so they worked in a bit of realistic PTSD), but this never gets brought up in the anime at all.

The first season and first few light novels aren’t too terrible, believe it or not, no worse than any other harem fighting anime with boobs at least, but the flaws come up pretty quick.

First off, Issei only has an artificial weakness, otherwise he would be god moding the setting, and the excuses contrived to keep him from god moding gets weaker over time. Second, the story introduces its own mythology and plot points, and there is some interesting world building in the light novels, but it’s all background noise most of the time, little more than an impetus for Issei to Gary Stu his way past another villain.

Finally, while it’s typical ecchi harem bullshit, this is a show where it’s pretty damn likely this guy could get laid, and the later light novels all but state he eventually has gotten his rocks off, but the anime is filled with pure cock tease nonsense. I wasn’t exactly hoping to see this guy get boned on screen, but at least the light novels eventually quit dancing around the subject of that happening like the anime.

Finally, what is most damning is how Issei gets his harem. Seriously, aside from Rias Gremory, who has something of a reason to have a thing for him, Akeno (who seems to have an NTR fetish), and Asia (who, in what has to be one of the few decent bits of drama the series has, understandably fell for Issei because he stuck up for her when almost no one else would), the reasons the other ladies have for jumping on his dick are all pretty contrived, and eventually even the light novels don’t bother trying to be clever about why yet another lady want to ride his dick.

In short, this did have some promise despite the cheesecake, but devolved into a Mary Sue fantasy that doesn’t even pretend to give a damn about justifying it’s own bullshit and pretty much rides on its fanservice and wish fuflillment and little more.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program…

  • Waifu=Maito: Basically waifu’s are the cornerstone of the Animesuki forums. The day they use Saitama from Onepunch Man as their banner is the day that I own the site.
  • We hate this male character because he’s so fucking dense, but he’s a nice guy so even though we hate him, we suddenly love him the moment someone questions us!: The long ass title aside, this is when you bring up things like NTR. They say they hate NTR and love Ichika or some other generic Self Insert like him the moment you bring it up. But just a few rows of threads ago, they kept bashing on him in a way that makes you think they want this series and Ichika dead. MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MINDS. Is he a dense loser, or a nice guy who’s worth the whole fucking world?

Now that we have that forum out of the way, the next one is different. The next one is 4chan.

The main issue lies in that they are becoming run by Social Justice Warriors. It uses to be a paragon of free speech. Disturbing or not. But now it’s just being run by a bunch of ignorant children who might actually be members of IGN. And as a certain KH fan/Youtuber said “YOU CAN’T SPELL IGNORANT WITHOUT FUCKING IGN!”

This also applies to a lot of forums. TV Tropes is one. And TV Tropes is filed with Weeaboo’s and Weeaboo esque fanfics that might as well be tales on WeeabooTales on Reddit. The Pantheon is all kinds of fucked up shit that is built to literally form a circle jerking ring to jerk fictional characters off and overglorify them beyond recognition.

All in all, Weeaboo’s have becomes the main part of the Anime Community in the west as I see it. And in the East, it’s not so much Weeaboo in the same sense as a literal one. Like Wapanese kind of bullshit. Cuz they be Japanese. But it is getting bad enough to the point that some people meet the modern Weeaboo conditions.

Also don’t get me started on Funimation and their raging hate for GamerGate. I will fuck up anyone from Funimation if they want to fight me on this shit. They are among some of the most retarded companies seen in recent years.

Gary Stus And You.

Why does most Fanfiction feel like Mary Sue garbage, you may ask. Well that is because it is. The majority of times. At least for the ones with the most children, and the most weeaboo type otaku.

Take Highschool Dxd Fanfics for example. The majority of crossovers will not really be well written at all from a literary standpoint from someone who also indulges on copious amounts of varying genres of anime. Most will be about making Issei’s harem grow. And many of these will attempt to do so through NTR. No matter how much they tell you they hate it, if it’s Issei, there precious dreamt up harem king, then it’s great. Cuz he’s a pig by moral standards. And many of them are too. Wouldn’t be so bad if they admit that’s the reason they like him. Cuz you know. Being as assholian honest is the point of this place. And many times, if they try to use another series to give Issei a backstory, it will be straight up rip offs, and Gary Stu shit. Look at a certain One Punch Man x Dxd fic. Rather than making them unrelated and keeping it in character, Issei is the son of Saitama. Last I checked that sounds straight Gary Stu. Issei one punching his enemies. Seriously. They make long as stories that have no need for anything more than a few lines of Issei one punching someone. Even the average One Punch Man chapter takes less time to read than that.

Then of course, the dreaded Naruto fics. Those are just outrageous. So many that are about some shit AU meant to give Naruto a harem. Whether it be an in universe one or a crossover one.

We get that you worship Naruto. But that doesn’t mean everyone wants to do that as well. Stop polluting the net with this shit. If you want to make a story, good. If you want a harem in it, whatever. But wheb you make the crutch be that the Mc Stu you made will have a harem without even trying, then you might want to rethink your summary.

Daily Lives Of Retarded Boys.

Don’t let the title fool you. I thoroughly enjoyed this anime more than you can imagine. I believe I can say that without a doubt, Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys is my favorite anime ever. Because it doesn’t pander to feminist retards and pussy whipped, dickless mangina, sjw, white knighting faglords.

Just like how I did with my first time seeing Nichijou in full, I marathoned Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys.

And I got mostly the same experience except it felt more like an actual satire on many overused anime tropes. Like the tropes you like are idiotic and degenerated. And this show constantly needs to remind you of that. And it was funny as hell. It’s the only anime that I’ve seen that is geared towards a cast of guys that isn’t as much Yaoi material, and still maintains a funny cast of females too. Though they lack as much screen time. And they are also portrayed as a satire. Mainly IMO on overly Dellusional images of female characters. Whether it be through the eyes of people who always think they’re amazing no matter what, or the high school boys who view them due to prior bullying as monsters. And some of em really are.

Favorite females would probably be Habara and Yassan (the literary girl). As far as males go, my favorites were Hidenori Tabata and Toshiyuki Karasawa. Hidenori is really out there, if you catch my drift, and Toshiyuki isn’t above taking revenge on borderline Feminazi female characters for a past transgression. Not that he actively seeks it. But if given the chance, Toshiyuki will try a Kinniku Buster on them. He’s a rare guy who actually seems like he has some non semi castrated testicles.

maxresdefault (7)

Toshiyuki is number one wrestler in all Japan…

The other male characters were all good to me. The female student council president was kind of bland and really annoying. Always trying to one up some guy and having an overzealous imagination of some false superiority.

Overall, this is probably the most realistic slice of life I’ve seen that doesn’t lose all interest by giving a decent amount of comedy. Most I’ve seen are just about cute girls doing cute things with just… Either unimaginative humor or lacking all things but a massive dose of LSD. Nichijou to me is a great example of one as well that makes me happy to live. Mostly because the choice in music and the characters interactions mixed in. Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys just gave me that and a more genuine satire feel. Just not as fast paced and outrageous. So a more intellectual feel but still retarded at times. But that’s why it’s there. To remind me why it’s retarded to see those things in other anime played up the amount of times they are. The same tired tropes that sometimes make me wish that anime, and it’s fandumb that scream for more generic moe, yuri, yaoi, and hetero romances instead of taking the time to make good quality ones, were dead.


How to write women well.

Think of a man. And you take away reason and accountability. That sums up the typical “feminist” fantasy of today. And I use the term Feminist OH SO VERY LOOSELY.

As good as it gets is a really good movie. Watch it. Chumps.

Now for a random question. Do you feel the anime fanbases are being more on the Fandom side of the fandumb side?

Leave you answer below.

Another Rant

Guess what? Chicken butt. Cause all you gonna get is shit.

Just like how trying to take the anime community of many of the forums I frequent is going to be nothing but shit. You know why? Cause it’s fucking shit opinions that’s why. Not shit because they have em or they’re opinions. But because of the context and reasoning.

What do you look for in order to get the most out of anime, manga, and games? Story? Characters? Comedy? Well thought out and placed drama? Those are some really good things.

But then we get down to the lowest form of bile sucking scum shit on the internet. The people who only watch something to get their sexual rocks off and pretend like they have some higher ascended form of taste.

Take a yaoi fan for example. A straight and gay one. Maybe they watch something dramatic for intellectual purposes. Then you have what is called the fag side of the community as coined by 4chan. 4chan. You and your brain dead monkey user base. Get back to the jungles from which you came. If you want to send us weird but fitting terms, just pelt it over here like your feces. But back on track, there’s the fag side of a community. In the Yaoi fans case, it’s the fact that these types of Yaoi fans known as fags are only into the genre for one thing. To see hot dudes make out and self insert themselves into it as either the dominant one or the submissive one. They just want to masturbate. Now that’s not such a problem for me with the ones that I know in my life, but there is one major problem. They just won’t shut up about the shit. Non stop “IT’S SO HOT DESU!!!”.

Now lets take a look at the Yuri fans fag side community. Mainly found on 4chan and people who’ve been on 4chan for a good enough time. Mainly the people on /u/ and people who frequent it for images of lesbo cooch bumping. They will actively bash any male character. They will actively claim to never play a game because it has a male player character. Guess what. You’re fucking retarded for that. Not because of taste. But because of the bullshit lies you spew. You say “I’m not playing Dragon Boxer Maximum because I have to play as a guy and not a cute kawaii girl who gets a harem of girls”. I ask why are you not going to play it because of that. The reply?

“IT’S BECAUSE IT’S SUCH A GENERIC MALE CHARACTER!!!” despite never planning to play the game and despite “Johnny Cuntsmack” the MC riding on top of a unicycle while boxing an undead penguin with Hulk Hogans arms whil the guy has a porno-stache on his face. Johnny Cutsmack in this case is the most interesting thing you’ve seen since sliced bread. But because you don’t wanna fuck him, you don’t wanna play as him. And you try to spew out shit to justify it as some well thought out non sexist viewpoint. You’re a fucking misandrist. And even then, the majority of the ones I am seeing lately are self depreciating men who probably grew up in actual households where they make them whip themselves for being born male and white and shit like that. They spend all their time worshiping the vagina as the supreme lord of the universe while basically being the fucking Uncle Ruckus towards their own gender.

These people will spend so much time hating on a male character supposedly for being “generic” while if you replace it with a female, and have it be the same PERSONALITY, they’ll be all “THIS BITCH IS AWESOME!!! BEST CHARACTER EVER!!!” along with saying the same thing about every other female in the game.As in the fucking shit that makes a character. Gender does not make for good characters. Erza Scarlett is not a good female because of her gender. She is not born good and divine. She behaves like a good character due to writing and personality. A personality that ANY man in a series could be made to portray and it would be all the same. Dante is not cool because of his gender. He’s cool because he has some killer fashion sense and a fucking wild rockstar personality but the ability to show dramatic emotion, that makes him seem awkward yet highly approachable to cast members. He’s not some guy who goes around failing to grab peoples attention like some bombastic idiot like Travis Touchdown who’s always trying TOO FUCKING HARD to emulate a badass. These fans will hate your male characters and call them generic and say shit like “A male character in my precious females presences would make it a harem”. Despite the fact that the series might get 5 male characters to balance out the 7 females in the current cast. And yet they still drop the series faster than the AVGN dropped a douche on Bugs Bunny calling it quits like the raging trollfaced SJW pussies they are.

Here’s the deal. You see a Yuri fan who says shit like “I’m loving ALL the females so far. The main character is okay I guess. He’s coming off as generic”, then don’t talk to them, and if they talk to you, don’t respect them enough to give any serious thought to their comments. Don’t try to see from their point of views. Chances are that the comment they made about their loving all the females is either 80% or 100% of all their posts about a cast with a male character, despite it having such god awful bitches like Shiraume Ume from Bento. And chances are, if the MC is slapped by a lesbian bitch like Shiraume Ume for no reason other than selfish desire to abuse the MALE MC, then not only will she be that motherfuckers fan favorite character, she’ll be solidified as this persons idea of what a good female should be like. Basically being the reasons people abuse alcohol. As you’ll soon see, every fag side of a good fan community will do such.

Take a Yaoi fans dark side and put em in a similar situation. They won’t be as vocally shiftty about showing their true colors. But they sure as hell will be a lot more likely to post three times faster than even the fastest of the Yuri fans dark sides. And all it will be is either “WHY DOES SUPER KYUN KAWAII POON NOT HAVE MORE THAN ONE MALE!? WHERES MY SEME AND UKE HOMOFAGS!?” or “WHY DOES DRAGON BOXER MAXIMUM HAVE NO GAY OPTION!? WHY CAN’T THEY ALL JUST BE DUDES SO THEY CAN FUCK EACH OTHERS BUM BUMS AND CALL IT A DAY!?” Pretty much the same shit. But more confident that people will care and like them for their tastes. Which is hardly the case with comments like those about a possibly decent video game that they haven’t played yet. The purpose of a game is to play the game. Not to play with yourself. Literally. Did you jack off you Samus when you found out she was a girl? Did you never touch the NES game again and only look for fanart with beeg titties?

Fuck. And then we’ve got the last ones to talk about. The heterofags. The dark side of the hetero themed community. The love harems, hetero romcoms, and anything to do with male and female relations. The only real problem being that they think if they can’t beat their dick to something, then it’s not worth it. For example, as I’ve said before, they may hate on Dragon Ball Z because they can’t fap to it. Sure, it’s got Bulma, Marron/Maron (however you spell Krillins old ex), Android 18, and Chichi, the final latter being a fucking bitch. But are they really on screen enough to get a decent cleavage shot that makes their breasts look beyond an F-Cup? Let alone from a series that doesn’t make it’s name for panty shots and such. Fucking pathetic. And man. Let’s not forget the asinine side of the fanfiction community I know. I never said this here, but I know a few people who would rather see KID Gohan, on Namek, having a huge cock for his age, at the age of like 5 or 6, fucking Bulma or Krillins Ex-girlfriend and creaming inside her while she straddles him. Or seeing Roshi fuck the shit out of EVERY girl ever shown up in the series while being at max fucking power. Seriously. These people and their desires to see anything heterosexual will drive a man nuts with what they might come up with. But just about every dark side is into pedophilia.

Basically, these are the fans who only think with their sexuality in mind as to what’s good. If it’s not something they wanna fuck, then it’s not something good. So basically, these are the most socially disturbed, and self righteous people on the planet. They’re the most disgustingly sexist and perverted people I’ve ever seen who relish whenever a man beats up a woman, or whenever a woman in media is portrayed as having a superior gender and being all powerful over the filthy demon known as the man. They won’t say it out loud outside of being anonymous on 4chan or when PMing a fellow SJW on forums or some shit. But trust me. Chances are, if you think something sounded sexist based on how someone worded their tastes, then guess what. They probably are, and they don’t deserve to be graced with your friendship, time, and definitely not your words of wisdom if the just throw it out expecting you to be the same kind of bitch she or he is.

Oh and let’s not forget that self insertion is the purpose of most of these fandumbas communities. Like girls? Like fucking em? Well self insert yourself. No matter how much of a pig you are or are lead to believe, you’ll still be lead to think they’ll give up the pussy to you and you’ll still be able to use your imagination. Like men? Like gettin fucked by em? Look no further. Self insertion is your key to a paradise like no other. Two hot dudes rapin your bum bum and your baby makin hole at the same time. Don’t forget to clean and switch.

They’re about asretarded as this if not more retarded.

Three random things I hate in anime

(#1) When boobs are so large that they HAVE to have had surgical implants.

Fucking weird…

(#2) When they show tits and the nips and areola are extended unaturally and so fat that they look like huge suction cups on the breast meat.

(#3) When a protagonist of any gender wants a harem, and yet they already have one or have a satisfactory significant other, and snd still babble on about their so called goals.

Forum Post

Well… Bored as shit. Fuck you. Now read this post I made that gave my opinions on anime in a constructive way. Well. Mostly.

Q: Which is your favorite movie/OAV/series/etc?

A: Dragon Ball all the way to Z. I watched it all the way to Z starting with Dragon Ball and it’s a more marvelous experience that way. Makes it far far greater to see the truly marvelous anime that Z was. It wasn’t simply Z. It was a continuation and growth for the young Goku.

Q: Which anime is the funniest/saddest/scariest/dumbest/etc?

A: The funniest to me would have to be “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei”. If you’re on any kind of substance like Marijuana (Not that I condone the use of such things) it would probably be one hell of a trip to do that AND watch the mayhem of nonsensical ******** that the anime itself was. The opening could give mental breakdowns of utter “DaFuqness” every second. The saddest would have to be either “Clannad After Story” or “Angel Beats”. Probably After Story. The dumbest would have to be the retardation that is known only as Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. I would never watch that at all unless I was being paid $50,000.00 per episode with a review to go along with each one.

Q: Which anime is the most over-rated/worst/annoying/etc?

A: Overrated for me would have to either be Attack On Titan, Gurren Lagann, or any of the previous HST (Naruro, One Piece, and Bleach). They’re great in their own right, but not worth the deconstructive bashing of any other anime without actually watching said anime’s (For fun and not just to compare them to the former HST). The worst and most annoying would go to Bobobo again.

Which anime is the most obscure/oldest/popular/newest anime you’ve seen?

A: The most obscure I’ve personally ever seen is “Sokihei M.D Geist” (Demon-Garbed M.D Geist/Most-Dangerous Soldier Geist). The oldest would have to be “Momotarō no Umiwashi”. The most popular one is debatable for me cause I don’t know of any current surveys. But to list off a few would include things like “Madoka Magica”, “The World God Only Knows”, “Dragon Ball Z”, “Cowboy Bebop”, “Sword Art Online”, and a few of the Gundam series amongst other shows. The newest would be Space Dandy Season 2.

Q: Which anime made you cry/scream/giggle/etc?

A: Only Clannad and After Story actually made me cry. There are too many that made me scream for various reasons (Non that involved fear but more so rage) and just about any comedy can make me LMAO. Specially things like “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei” and Nichijou.

Q: Which anime were better as a manga, and vice versa?

A: I never think anime are better as manga for the same reasons that Comics work better in cartoons. Animation can more easily portray situations and such and actually give us better perspective on the actions of the characters. We can see Superman actually going light speed instead of a still picture saying he did. Now if it’s about what should have just stayed as a manga then I wouldn’t know. I haven’t seen anything bad enough like that other than Bobobo.

Q: Which anime do you want to see as a live action?

A: I really want to see Poke’mon as an adult comedy feature length film in a theater near me. I wanna see Ash as a grown a** man spewing curse words every time he loses in either the final 8 or the league finals.

Q: Which anime/manga do you wish was real/live in?

A: Dragon Ball GT. The Black Star Dragon Balls can grant any wish. ANY. I can wish to be able to be the master of the balls and to be able to have my way with them in any way. Even to go to another anime verse. Suck it gods. I’m takin over your generic harems of women and dumping all of em off into other verse with guys who would appreciate them and mesmerize them with badass. I wonder how they’d behave if they were Goku’s harem? Cause despite Chi-Chi being a completely evil woman, Goku would never leave her for anyone. And these harem bitches seem like they’d waste their lives away on pursuing one guy and dissing all the other guys. Assuming that non of em are mother freakin Son Goku of all people. Nicest guy you’ll ever meet, but he doesn’t need a woman all the time to save his a**. Not even to cook his own dinner. He’d hunt for that s**t. But if you wanna tempt him with a feast of roasted duck, fried rice, chashu pork in ramen, and those steamed broccoli stick things you find in Chinese resturaunts, you may have some form of weapon on him.

Q: Which anime has your favourite scenes? What are they?

A: My favorite scenes would be the ones where Goku transforms into his Super Saiyan transformations and the feels scenes from Clannad and After Story. Also anything from “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei” and Nichijou. So freakin hilarious

Q: Which anime has the best/worst/most romantic/etc ending?

A: The best ending would have to be the ending to Clannad After Story. It felt so satisfying. I was praying so much for it to have a happy ending despite it looking impossible. And as if heard by the lord himself, there it was. I think the worst ending to an anime I ever saw was the ending of Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito. The ending was pathetic. I half expected it to be as full of garbage as it was in the end, but I still expected the protagonist to get what she was looking for. Not that reincarnation garbage. The most romantic ending would have to be the ending to Inuyasha.

Q: Which do you prefer, anime or manga?

A: I prefer anime over manga in terms of visual appeal, depth, and understanding. Manga in terms of over all length. Usually an anime takes a LOOOONG time to catch up to an actual manga that isn’t as big as the former HST were.

Q: Which anime has the worst/best/most mangled/etc dub/sub/raw?

A: I think Speed Racer had the most “so bad it’s good” dub. The worst dub in general would have to be the dubs of One Piece (4Kids version) and the movies of “Yu Yu Hakusho”.The best dub would have to be the dub of Death Note and Dragon Ball Z (for the fact that the Funimation dub matches most of the characters far better). The most mangled? I’d say it’s the same as worst so yeah. I can’t think of a worst sub I’ve ever seen since most don’t fall under the crap factor to me. But the best would be the sub of Fate/Zero as of now. This just usually changes on a whim. Almost like a grace I choose to give when I’m in the mood.

Q: Which anime quotes do you like? What are they?

A: “I’m in despair! This *Insert reason to be despaired* has left me in despair!” & “AND A TOILET SEAT COVER!!!” (Sunohara’s epic quote done epicly and hilariously after every sentence… For a while.)

Q: Which anime are you currently watching?

A: Rokujouma No Shinryakusha, Space Dandy Season 2, Sword Art Online Season 2, and Mazinkaiser Skl.

Q: What is your favorite anime genre?

A: I don’t have a favorite. Just some that I absolutely cannot and will not stand for sitting down for at all no matter what happens to me. Specifically anime solely built to pander to the sexuality or sexual theme preferences of fandoms. Such as a Yuri anime solely about girls kissing and having sex, a Yaoi of similar aspects, and an ecchi harem anime built to pander to horny teens alone.

Q: Subtitles or Dubbing?

A: Subtitles. Dubbing I get more disappointments from despite all the genuine expectations I put into hoping that it’s the next best Death Note in terms of dubbing. Usually it’s either okay or horrible for me. Subtitles tend to never go down below the factor of “meh” or okay.

Surprisingly out of all the fandoms I can’t stand it’s actually the Yuri community that I cant stand over most others and not the Yaoi community. Most of the ones I know and have talked to are raging man haters and only pretend to be decent civil people when it comes to their tastes. But in private with more of their kind, they let it all out about how terrible any anime centered on a male is or how shitty an anime is when it’s not a female in the role of the main character. They basically will try and tell you how they don’t think a male in an anime is inherently bad, and some are good at hiding their true colors with fancy words that seem to make sense to the untrained person. But when you look at the majority of their posts on forums, it’s either about how bad a male being suddenly put into a series in any kind of non evil villainous role or non douchebag NPC role is, or how such a thing would ruin the series. They’re the kind of people who watch Yuri and claim it as the most pure thing in existence by nature and superior to any other sexuality by nature, but deep down think that if their female characters have any interactions with a non douchey male who’s nice and not out to rape people, then it automatically becomes an adulterous harem that disgraces the Yuri goodness of the show and makes the female weak and defensless (When it’s not a given), even when their is only slight subtext and blatant interest in the male species. The Yaoi community isn’t too far off though in terms of annoyance. Where the Yuri community packs a larger assortment of “Weapons” per say, the Yaoi community only has, and needs, one single weapon to do so. I don’t need to know how hot guys on guys are. I don’t need to know how it makes it so much better to watch “Boku No Pico” or “Gakuen Heaven” over Dragon Ball or Z. And that alone is stupid and impossible anyways. Specially when Boku No Pico hardly is anything but professionally made porn of gay effeminate little boys. Sick s**t dood.

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