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How to write women well.

Think of a man. And you take away reason and accountability. That sums up the typical “feminist” fantasy of today. And I use the term Feminist OH SO VERY LOOSELY.

As good as it gets is a really good movie. Watch it. Chumps.

Now for a random question. Do you feel the anime fanbases are being more on the Fandom side of the fandumb side?

Leave you answer below.


DMC3 Cosplay Materials

Now here are some products I’d love to have. So much…

You ever wanna cosplay as Dante from Devil May Cry? Who the fuck am I kidding. Of course you have. Most of these are pretty expensive. But it is cosplay after all. Not exactly cheap to buy.

Here’s some Ebony And Ivory for ya.

Rulercosplay Devil May Cry 3 Dante Cosplay Weapon Epony & Ivory

These are a pair of great replicas of Ebony and Ivory. Dante’s signature firearms. Perfect for that set of cosplay clothes you’ve been looking for.

Devil May Cry 4 DMC Dante Cosplay Costume Red Coat Outfit Whole Set (Male XL)

You can get a cheaper costume of his DMC1 outfit here. It’s one of those things where it doesn’t matter as much if you can get either one since he wore both of these. I haven’t found a DMC3 costume yet, but I’ll keep looking. So for that, I’ll update when I find it.

Devil May Cry 3 Dante Cosplay Costume

I’ve also found this Rebellion replica. This would be the cheapest one I found that isn’t real (At least based on picture observations).

Devil may cry cosplay prop Dante sword

This next Rebellion is a bit more expensive by a few dollars and is of the awakened version of Dante’s signature sword in DMC3.

Devil may cry cosplay prop Dante reversion blade

Finally, here’s the cheapest Rebellion I can find. It’s inexpensive by a large margin compared to the others I found, but it might just be a real sword and capable of cutting up your next door neighbor at his barbecue cosplay parties. So think on this one first. Can’t have you cutting people now.

Devil May Cry The Rebellion Dante Replica Sword

And on the more inexpensive side, here’s a Dante wig. Only around 35 bucks or a tad bit cheaper than that even.

Silver White Wig, Devil May Cry Dante Halloween Cosplay Costume

Later on, I’ll look for some stuff for Vergil. Until I can find the stuff for that, I’ll leave it at this. Oh, and I’ll leave these two replicas of Yamato that are definitely less expensive than the Rebellions.

Here’s one for real cheap. But it’s stainless steel and might be cut worthy. I doubt it though since it’s stanless steel and I’m pretty sure that it’s not a popular material to make into a weapon. Just be careful with it.

Devil May Cry Vergil Yamato Katana Replica Sword

And here’s a wooden one for more expensive. But I personally think it’s a bit more accurate.

Devil May Cry Vergil Nero Yamato Wooden Sword Cosplay Prop 100cm

Anyone remember?

Anyone remember this old short motherfucker?

Used to be the king of Youtube. And now everyone except for his religious followers remember him for being more than that guy who stole viral videos and reviewed them. Not that I cared. I laughed. Didn’t give a rats ass about his “stealing” the videos. Cause if it weren’t for him a lot of those vids would still be in the gutter of the internet. And an entertaining reviewer to me usually needs some more material than him talking. At least some images.


how bout these retarded ADHD mental mofo’s?

Anyone remember that group called Smosh? The group that used to be known for being hilarious? But now most people remember them for being that group of bozos that have daily seizures of facial expressions that seem like they’re tripping balls. Still funny to me. Just not as funny as my first time. Like having sex for the first time. First time you feel like you’re peeing without peeing (Or you gotta take a piss) and then you asplode all over the inside of a vajajay or an ass. But then… Ehh… It starts to feel more like you penis is just really warm and you’re about to shot a tiny airsoft pellet out. At least that’s how it is for me.


How bout this angry pissed of motherfucking, rat piss ingesting, putrid anal, yeast guzzling, cunt fucking douchebag?


Anyone else remember that one guy called AVGN? Don’t hate his vids. Love em. But he’s still starting to get a little bland eh? Like seriously. His vidz need to stop being about NES games or other old systems. When he starts reviewing recent games as a regular thing, like actually review them as a recurring theme in episodes, like he just evolved or something from the AVGN to the ANGN (Angry New Game Nerd), then I’ll cream inside my neighbors panties after I steal em. Also waiting for his movie to come out in on September 2nd. Fucking waited long enough. Like waiting for a bitch or dick who isn’t putting out.

How bout that barrel hating barrel racist?

Pewdiepie. Okay fuck this. Everyone probably remembers this guy because he’s probably still pretty new and big to the community. Fucking barrel ass racist. Picking on fucking barrels and their barrel whore families. Fucking retarded redbarrel southren lil bitch. Teach him to talk shit about my barrel friends! Only I get to do that! Penis.

Checking your privilege

The idea of embracing and admitting to the “fact” that you have pre conceived privileges. And yet it only seems to apply to three things. Being male, being white, and most of all… Being straight (Sometimes all at once). And yet this is all coming from a “pre concieved” notion about said straight white male’s life. As if you have ESP.

This my lil douchers and douchettes, is the most retarded phrase ever spat out by privileged retarded sheltered feminsts, and radical members of the LGBT community. It’s their fancy and immature way of saying “STFU because I’ll always have a higher opinion than yours”. If you have the privileges of spewing this word whenever the hell you feel like it then either…

1) STFU and check your own privileges. Or…

2) Stop going around claiming to fight for some noble cause whenever you spew that word and just admit you like being a douche to anything that’s straight, white, or male.

Join my fucking club. It’s a lot more enlightening than going around thinking that women are goddesses no matter what and men are all pigs in one way or another. Being a douche isn’t being a pig. It’s called freedom. The freedom to be how you wanna be.

If it wasn’t for all these privileged assholes in the world who kept telling me that I’m privileged despite having only one job in my life so far and being the shitty brunt of everyones jokes in HS, I might have turned out differently. So remember kids. Bad people with privileges only come about because YOU didn’t check YOUR privilege.

Everybody hail the new king in town

There’s a new king in town. And it’s me. Because I’m a real fucking partyman.

Now give me my fucking crown. Or else I will PERSONALLY go to each and everyone of your homes and shit in places that will leave you confused for the rest of your life.

Now crown me. Otherwise I’ll make you dance with the devil in the pale moonlight. And let me remind you of this. I WILL be laughing. Outside and in.

Shit and piss: Douchebag corner

Shit and piss. Any of you fuckers ever notice how often it is that you have to take a piss right after you take a nasty ass shit?

It’s because you play with yourself at night. Always remember kids. Play with yourself during the day. The night’s when the cock goblin comes and does something to your special little friend.

Now here’s your random fucking video.

Only one fucking post today…

Cause I’m tired as balls.

Today I’m only posting one fucking thing today motherfuckers. And that’s a video.

You guys like Mutahar? You guys like Haunted Gaming? Are you guys Someordinarygamers? Then you’ll love this. So much you’ll die from it.

Lessons on legenduh

I’m stronger than an ant. And an ant is stronger than you. So I’m stronger than all of you.

How you may ask. Because I’ m a douche. In life only the douche of all douches is legenduh.

How to be a douche: Three easy steps out of many.

#1: Always make sure you never flush in public restrooms.

#2: Slip your pubic hairs in your friends sandwich.

#3: Poop on the floor and blame it on the dog.

Follow those easy steps and you’ll be on your way to mastering the art of douchery. You’ll be legen-Wait for it-Duh.