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Been a while. Phae Gots.

Been so busy. So busy not dwelling in the cesspool of a parental establishment called a basement. You know. With a job and all, that pays 10 bucks an hour and working 5 days a week on an 8 hour a day schedule. Out in the sun. Spinning signs. As a human directional. Aka a personified sweat shop.

So I figured I’d show a post I found on the /v/ boards of 4chan. Now this is some downright truthful shit here. Shit about why /u/, the Yuri board of 4chan, is so retarded and undesirable of a community. Although the guy who posted such an intelligent post, continued on with posts filled with high octane levels of autism, cranial abuse, and drug overdoses. As per usual of 4chan.

The post is as follows

All yurifags are shitposters. If it isn’t this, it’s
>purest form of love
>h-hesitant typing
>abusing spoiler text
>b-but anon, that’s l-lewd
>but that’s forbidden love
>slut lab
etc. Throw in schizophrenic ships and a general anti-male mentality and /u/ quickly becomes one of the worst boards on 4chan.

So as you can see this downright shows just how impure, dysfunctional, and downright wrong one of the worst boards on 4chan is. It, and the Yaoi board are the most useless boards on there. They hardly show news that anyone really cares for, since everyone only secretly wants to fap and self insert to porn of their interest, and anything else, such as actual porn, could all easily be posted on either general pornographic boards, such as /b/ (The cesspool where people post porn and other shit) and /h/ (Hentai).

All in all, there needs to be a purge of those boards. Or a purge of 4chan in general with more restrictave rules put in place that keeps shit from getting too misandric, misogynistic, or just downright bad in general. There’s too many shitty boards as is with boards like /u/, /y/, and /a/. /a/’s perfectly fine in terms of usability. You still get most of what you want. Which is retarded mixing of boards shit posting on someone elses boards and not getting into trouble.

Pretend I’m Jack Nicholsons character from “As good as it gets”. Now pretend you’re a /u/ board faggot who needs to “yon hyaku nijuu moyase, kono okama yaro!

Here’s a scenario for you, as a /u/ faggot ass faggerson, where you ask me a question, as Jack Nicholsons character. Or basically Jack Nicholson.


/u/: You’re such a great admin. How do you manage our board so well?

Me: I think of a board. And I take away reason, and accountability.


Essnetially what happens is /u/ becomes the radical feminist community of the world that expects special treatment and calls it fair and equal. While /y/ just sits there like the most faggy of gay men who have gay pride parades dressed in nothing but something to cover their junk. Sometimes…

Now if you’ll excuse me, Papa Kaiser gotta go to bed. He’s got work tomorrow so he can provide for all you fucks out there who can’t provide their own balls to the wall doucheyness.