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Hipster Weeaboo Epidemic

Been a long time since I did anything with this blog. Time for a lecture by your assholian savior.

But I cam back with a post.

Weeaboo’s. They’re like trolls. They used to be classy… Okay that’s a fucking lie. They were always the most contrived shit. But ever since Otaku’s came about and out of the closest like a gay man during an argument with his dad over Rambo’s chest, Weeaboo’s thought it was a good idea to come out.

And damn are they fucking stupid. They’re basically the Tumblr of the entire anime community. And now, I fear they may be the majority. They’re hipsters. Hypocrites. Degenerates. Anything you can imagine. Take a good look at some forums.

Animesuki is lined with tons of these guys. In fact, I’ll list a list below of the common “tropes” of the these guys. They are one variety of Weeaboo after all. And I may or may not actually come up with the names for these tropes that are tropes only on this blog.

  • If It’s Him, Then NTR Away: This is a trope that they commonly practice where they claim to hate NTR. But they will always say things like “If *insert X character here* is doing it, then we support it.” As long as they are able to self insert in the spotlight, they they’ll love it. Hipster faggots. This attitude is prevalent in MarySue/GaryStu fiction like Highschool DxD and Infinite Stratos since those are escapist fantasies. And imagining yourself stealing so many women is a man’s wet dream now isn’t it?
  • It’s Not A Mary Sue Even If He Is One!: This is common with, once again, DxD and Infinite Stratos. Things like that. They will constantly refer to how Issei or Ichika are not Mary Sue’s or Gary Stu’s. And yet as someone said on a Forum I’ve been frequenting…

It started out pretty good, had a nice setup, even a bit of decent drama with Issei getting murdered by one hot chick then revived by another (the light novels actually do something with this plot point by having Issei be afraid to get close to women despite his perviness due to his understandable fear that if he lets down his guard, he gets shanked again, so they worked in a bit of realistic PTSD), but this never gets brought up in the anime at all.

The first season and first few light novels aren’t too terrible, believe it or not, no worse than any other harem fighting anime with boobs at least, but the flaws come up pretty quick.

First off, Issei only has an artificial weakness, otherwise he would be god moding the setting, and the excuses contrived to keep him from god moding gets weaker over time. Second, the story introduces its own mythology and plot points, and there is some interesting world building in the light novels, but it’s all background noise most of the time, little more than an impetus for Issei to Gary Stu his way past another villain.

Finally, while it’s typical ecchi harem bullshit, this is a show where it’s pretty damn likely this guy could get laid, and the later light novels all but state he eventually has gotten his rocks off, but the anime is filled with pure cock tease nonsense. I wasn’t exactly hoping to see this guy get boned on screen, but at least the light novels eventually quit dancing around the subject of that happening like the anime.

Finally, what is most damning is how Issei gets his harem. Seriously, aside from Rias Gremory, who has something of a reason to have a thing for him, Akeno (who seems to have an NTR fetish), and Asia (who, in what has to be one of the few decent bits of drama the series has, understandably fell for Issei because he stuck up for her when almost no one else would), the reasons the other ladies have for jumping on his dick are all pretty contrived, and eventually even the light novels don’t bother trying to be clever about why yet another lady want to ride his dick.

In short, this did have some promise despite the cheesecake, but devolved into a Mary Sue fantasy that doesn’t even pretend to give a damn about justifying it’s own bullshit and pretty much rides on its fanservice and wish fuflillment and little more.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program…

  • Waifu=Maito: Basically waifu’s are the cornerstone of the Animesuki forums. The day they use Saitama from Onepunch Man as their banner is the day that I own the site.
  • We hate this male character because he’s so fucking dense, but he’s a nice guy so even though we hate him, we suddenly love him the moment someone questions us!: The long ass title aside, this is when you bring up things like NTR. They say they hate NTR and love Ichika or some other generic Self Insert like him the moment you bring it up. But just a few rows of threads ago, they kept bashing on him in a way that makes you think they want this series and Ichika dead. MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MINDS. Is he a dense loser, or a nice guy who’s worth the whole fucking world?

Now that we have that forum out of the way, the next one is different. The next one is 4chan.

The main issue lies in that they are becoming run by Social Justice Warriors. It uses to be a paragon of free speech. Disturbing or not. But now it’s just being run by a bunch of ignorant children who might actually be members of IGN. And as a certain KH fan/Youtuber said “YOU CAN’T SPELL IGNORANT WITHOUT FUCKING IGN!”

This also applies to a lot of forums. TV Tropes is one. And TV Tropes is filed with Weeaboo’s and Weeaboo esque fanfics that might as well be tales on WeeabooTales on Reddit. The Pantheon is all kinds of fucked up shit that is built to literally form a circle jerking ring to jerk fictional characters off and overglorify them beyond recognition.

All in all, Weeaboo’s have becomes the main part of the Anime Community in the west as I see it. And in the East, it’s not so much Weeaboo in the same sense as a literal one. Like Wapanese kind of bullshit. Cuz they be Japanese. But it is getting bad enough to the point that some people meet the modern Weeaboo conditions.

Also don’t get me started on Funimation and their raging hate for GamerGate. I will fuck up anyone from Funimation if they want to fight me on this shit. They are among some of the most retarded companies seen in recent years.


Hypocritical people

There are some hypocritical people out there. Some do it just to be douches. Them be mah bros. Then there be da bitches and bastards that do it, and think they’re some noble warriors of the interwebz.

For example, on the NISA forums, which I’ve been to and signed up myself, there are some people who are very hypocritical. Or just contradictory to their own statements. Who they are is your task to find out.

Many times they’ll complain about something super trivial. But when someone takes the opposite stance or so, they act as if you don’t have the right to that opinion. They won’t say “You don’t have that right”. But their words speak it all by itself. And they typically pull the argumentative statement that says “So you think we can’t have an opinion if it doesn’t agree with yours?” but they won’t let that apply to you as well as their own “masterful” opinions. Example being below. Scenario is that they’re putting in a male character who isn’t an SI or faceless in the latest (pretend) Neptunia game in the main series (Non spin off). Not as a playable character, but as an artistically drawn out character with some personality and such and a use in battle or out. And a story role that doesn’t lead to the revealing of his “male” douchness and villain role. And it’s obvious that it shall not lead to his death and exclusion from any other games.

Forum user A (hypocrite): Why the fuck are they putting in this trite? A male would only serve to ruin this series. What’s so unique about it is the all female playable cast, and the lack of male presence! And people wonder why I feel like leaving the series. Fuck this male character. Males belong in the garbage.

Forum user B: How is it ruined? And how is it a unique aspect to lack male presence when it’s been done before enough times to lose any semblance of uniqueness? It’s only unique if it’s obscure enough to not be done that many times and for us to not know much about the concept. We already know more than enough about it. And people wonder why I tell them that Noire being anti-male is subjective to personal view. First off, I like this idea of this male character because it’s a personification of a system I wanted to see. The Virtual Boy. I also find it unique how the latest game will incorporate a new system that lets you have a new type of support character that lets each character have a unique ability that they can use. And it’s cool, to me, how they made it that this character, being a virtual boy personification, is going to be used as a type of reconnaissance ability that lets you use him to view the landscape of dungeons for one use per dungeon, and to find all the hidden items, as well as being used to reveal the actual stats of all the on screen enemies. This male character is interesting to me and I don’t see how he can be a problem that would ruin the series, unless you’re raised by people like feminazi’s. Aside from that though, I suggest that if that’s not the case, then watch how you put your words.

Forum user A: So you think we can’t have opinions unless it agrees with yours? Stop with the self righteous bs.

Forums user B: How is it that me stating my opinion and questioning your reasoning stating that “You don’t have the right to opinion”.

Forum user A: The fact that you challenged my opinion with such subjective views tells me the true color of your nature. How can you think that using subjective views isn’t telling me that when you’re standing against my honest opinion?

Forum user B: And that doesn’t apply to me when you challenge my opinion with your own subjective views?

Forum user A (What they really want to say): FUCK YOU! I’M RIGHT, YOU’RE WRONG! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DEFEND THE MALE PIG!

Now who do you think was self righteous in that exchange? A or B? The crazed man hater, or the man with the decently stated opinion backed by some unique sides to the spectrum of opinions? I think the answer’s obvious. Many times you find these people on many other forums. Never go to moviecodec’s lounge though. Not only is it filled with such trite like that, but filled with every kind of bad person imaginable. And the owner has terrible taste in choosing management of the site.

If you ever want to be safe then avoid all these forums below.


NISA Forums (You’ll find a lot less civil people there than you’d find hypocrites who enjoy slandering decent peoples names. Not that a douche like me is decent though).

Moviecodec’s Lounge forums (Totally the slums and ghetto of the freakin interwebz and it’s scum. I’m one of them. Some good. But most bad)

Comic Vine (Too many comic worshipping ass fags).

Anime Vice (Not enough comic fans. Less chance of bashing comics than Comic Vine has of bashing anime and manga).

Myanimelist Forums (Never ask for help there. They’re useless for projects and such.)

The Youtube Community (Chances are you’ve already been exposed like me and will never leave. At least make use of trolls and enjoy or even put on a good freakin show and tell).

Tumblr (If you don’t know why, then you’re normal. No one can tell you why they suck. But they suck for more than a hundred different unrelated reasons).