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Gynocentricism And Anime

You know what anime is. You know what gynocentricism is? No? Then here’s the lay out.

Gynocentricism is the prioritization of females in society. Essentially. I guess. In English it means their problems are given priority regardless. Meaning no one cares about the men.

Scholars Katherine K. Young and Paul Nathanson state that ideologically, the overriding focus of gynocentrism is to prioritize females hierarchically, and as a result may be interpreted as misandry (the hatred and prejudice towards men). Feminist calls for equality or even equity are often, according to them, a subterfuge for gynocentrism.-Wikipedia.

So basically the shit that Feminists really want. And already have. They get to accuse without proof, evidence, or anything. Based on their word alone. Men? As if. They get to have over 1500 rape help organizations and shelters in this country of America alone. Men? Only 1. And they continue to get more and more, along with endless supplies of female only funding from the government. What else? Oh yeah. Get this, the draft still affects you even if it doesn’t exist right now. Cause if you didn’t sign up as a man, then you can’t vote. And you can’t apply for a lot of government fundings unless you agree to voluntary suicide. Women? They get these benefits just because they exist.

Now how does this play into our anime? It’s with the fans thats support the anime industry and the state of the Japanese county if the millions of online articles are to go buy.

Currently Japan is having some shitty times because men are becoming herbivores. Basically Japanese versions of MGTOW’s. The Prime Minister is now having to ask the Generation Z, and many women in general, to pick up the slack because the herbivore count is rising to a staggering degree. And who’s fault is it? Some might say “MEN!”. But that’s you’re retarded brainwashed SJW Feminist side talking. Men aren’t the problem. Government is. The government spent a lot of time prepping generation Z women into being too self entitled. Or else we wouldn’t have tons of interviews with female citizens and women in general who say they refuse to marry a man who doesn’t have like a 6 figure salary and good looks. Looks is one thing. But a 6 figure salary typically is only owned by men who’ve been in a business for a long time. And men are given nothing but shitty encouragement with no profit to be married. Just to bring more births in. And yet they fail to realize that giving children doesn’t benefit the man. It benefits the woman sure. Because with children she can receive more funding. More funding that wastes the damn economy. And the men are also having to work more and more for less and less for women who cost more and more due to Hypergamy. So men are leaving a country that actively demonizes them for so many stupid things that many years ago would not even see the light of day in their lives. The supposed days when men were actually respected and listened to about problems, and they’re leaving because the country is actively trying to make it harder for them to live married or unamarried. Nothing but attempts to make it hell for them.

Now this plays into anime since anime is a booming industry and influences younger people quite a bit. And even anime companies have to pay taxes. And if they don’t let the government step in, then they get a boot up the ass. So the government makes the industries place bullshit like male bashing. The bashing that happens when a woman intrudes in a place that isn’t her property, and suddenly she’s a strong woman for beating him up. The same bullshit that portrays women in a good light despite the unbridled hypocritical Misandrist shit that many harem ecchi shows fall into, the same shit that has so many men being portrayed as villains with very few good role models, or just faceless soldiers who die when it comes to anime involving wars, and the same shit that pervades its way into commercials in the west where even when a woman strikes first, the man is worse instead of just as bad for attacking back, even when he hit less. This is why Japan is failing. Because of it’s political agenda against the male populace and their attempts to brainwash them into believing this romanticized female that doesn’t exist in Japan. This female of purity doesn’t exist because they raise their women in a way that doesn’t allow said female to exist. And this female exists in anime.

Typically they exist in the sense that they share half the personality of a real life female. They share the shit side. Now maybe in anime a female can learn, but they typically don’t get made to learn the right way. They may start off being extremely volatile, but later in the story they change. But it’s usually a mask. They don’t change. They just mask it up to make sure that they don’t lose what they have now. Which could be a marriage. So you can actually picture a female in an anime losing her shit down the road and just ruining a mans life and not giving a shit.

Japan is essentially on the verge of crashing and might have to outsource. So that whole issue with foreigners might change, and to keep their females from pissing their pants and having to work the same 12 to 16 hour shifts that keep men from seeing their kids 5 or 6 days a week, they may have to outsource work to you, and may have to allow Americans, Canadians, Britains, ETC to just waltz in and become citizens. Kind of like how America has to cover for the lack of men in Stem fields (Because of a refusal to stop the bullshit of lowering standards for women when it comes to what it takes to get into it, and the refusal to encourage men to stick with it regardless of whether females are offended or not even when they don’t want those jobs sometimes) with H-1B Visa’s and experienced Asian temp workers.

So maybe your weeaboo fantasy of living in Great Nippon of purity might come true. Just don’t be angry at me if you find yourself contemplating to add to Japan’s sky rocketing and vastly larger majority of male suicides compared to women.