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Cultural Appropriation And U

So you want to call people out for cultural appropriation? So you wanna be the paragon of Tumblr Gymnastics? You think you know cultural appropriation?

How bout go fuck yo ugly ass mah nigga.

You wanna go to college? How bout go fuck yourself. White people invented college. Greece was the land of origin. And they’re about as white as it gets. Stay dumb nigga.

You wanna wear a suit and look classy? How bout you’re fired. Jeans. Shirts. Suits. Products of the white man. The white ass boogeyman.

You wanna get greasy veins from eating too many Big Macs? Cultural Appropriation. Richard and Maurice McDonald. Both white cocks.


So you wanna join the NBA? Do you even James Naismith mah ugly ass wigga?

How bout modern medicine? Stop surviving all those diseases with white people’s medicine and invent your own god damn penicillin.

Guess who invented Tumblr. A modern day penny snatcher. How bout Google? A white narcissist. Apple? A white guy with a job, Microsoft? A white dollar stuck in a gate.

So stop culturally appropriating the white folk. Unless you want my Chinese ass to snatch the shit out of your ass when I tear your rectum out from you for culturally appropriating my Kung Fu. Stop appropriating my fucking life you racist shitlords.


Very serious post time… Douche fuckers.

Now aside from the title, this is a very serious post. This is partially me talking about a dream I had during a nap I just took… Or rather a nightmare I had, and I intend to get it across and then make a very serious point on racial bigotry. Although I will throw in some comedic comments, but take this post very seriously. As if your dick was on fire from masturbating too hard and fast from drinking your first Red Bull.


As you can see in the video, the Ku Klux Klan has time and time again been proven dangerous. On an physical level. They have murdered people just for being black, Jewish (Or anyone wearing a fucking yarmulke), hispanic, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Muslim, German, Super Saiyans, Italian Plumbers who jump on turtles, anthropomorphic animals, and everything else non pure white.


Now as we all can see these people are a danger to human life in general. At least the radical ones. And this is where my odd dream came into play.

It starts off with a rally of white supremacists talking about noosing blacks and eradicating non white folk, like the ones shown in the video, in what looks like a town square or something. They’re doing their usual bigoted racist inbred radical bullshit, and here I come in shades and a black and white suit with a black tie lookin slick as hell, looking at my watch.

All the while I have what looks like a few M1117 Armored Security Vehicles all appearing from every street corner, and the skies littered with AH-64D Apache Longbow’s and AH-6 Little Birds.

As I stop the rally from further speaking over me through a loud speaker and a mic attached to my collar, I begin to speak.

“I bet you’re all wondering why all this crazy bullshit’s happenin right now. Correct?” I said as I spoke with a tone that demanded an answer. But all they give me is silence “WELL!? WHAT ARE YOU FUCKERS WAITING FOR!? FOR ME TO ASK IF YOU WANNA SUCK MY COCK!?”

As I make such a demanding and foul sounding order filled with vulgarity only heard in movies, they finally give me an answer through one of the KKK speakers who has a large scar over his left eye “YES! We wanna know why you’re here, fuckin with our noble and holy rally!”

With my question answered I begin to explain things to them. Things that would bring horror to their faces. Even people who weren’t members of the KKK. I begin with a speech.

“Well my name is Greg Matthew’s. I am a 4 year member of the CIA. We’ved decided to step out of the shadows and into the fucking light. Why? Because we’ve deemed the KKK and every other racist group of similar actions as a big enough danger to all human life across the country. We’ve decided to enact… Martial Law. I think that’s what this is. We have targeted every member of any klan or equally racially bigoted murderous organization, across the country. And yes. We know all and everything about anyone and everyone in America George Freeman, Aka He who masturbates once in the morning at 10:00, again at 3:00 PM, and finally at 12 midnight. We know. And we ARE targeting you all right now. As of this very moment every Klan member is watching this right now on video feeds that we are providing. We have an equal amount of military power stationed at every KKK rally going on right now across the country and similar measures occurring right now at every Klan member anywhere else other than the rallies. We no longer intend to tolerate, with even a shred of leniency, any kind of radical racial acts or encouragement. You are to denounce your Klan membership as well as your so called white supremacy. Or we will murder all and every KKK member there is in this country. Not a single one will be left alive and you have exactly 5 minutes to denounce starting now. Once you have made your choice, we’ll wait for the others to make their choices. And we won’t wait to finish you off.”


Eventually 3 minutes pass and they all challenge me on whether I would enact such a dangerously inhumane thing. I once again speak to answer their doubts “If we must, we’ll make an example out of one your white inbred brothers.” I said. They once again doubt and challenge me on this. And in that instant, a powerful and swift shot from one of the M1117’s turned the upper portion of a Klan member into a bloody mess of guts and blood and shattered bones. As they all gasp in horror, even the opposers of the Klan were enraged at this. However I speak once again “Any one of you pricks are welcome to join him. One civilian doesn’t make a difference. Civilians not counting any active Klan members”.

As they finally quite down from my threat that I intended to keep, I once again laid down the law onto their white supremacist faces “Now that you know what’s going to happen, you have exactly 30 seconds to denounce and drop your any outward racial hatred from your lives. Or you all can decide to be permanently kissing the ground.”

Eventually, before the last 5 seconds, the Klan members around the rally I was stationed at all agree to my demands “GREAT! Now that that’s done, we can wait for the answers of your fellow Klan members across the country.” I said as I sat atop one of the M1117s “Whether they pay close attention to what’s just happened here through the video feed, and make the right choice, will decide if their white trash heritage lives on.

Finally, through computer generated votes, it showed an unanimous cast that showed the agreement from all Klan members to cease membership of the Klan and to cease any active outward racial bigotry. On the following day I appear on the TV’s of everyone and everywhere, with vehicles stationed everywhere with TV’s showing me, stating some more conditions.

“You all witnessed what happened that day I’m sure. Now this is not an attack on your freedoms. Mostly… This is an attack on free will to assault someone based on color or heritage. From this day foward, anyone who is caught supporting any kind of active movement against any sort of race, whether it being hating as a group on niggers, jew, spicks, or chinks, will be sentenced to death. And anyone attempting to create any kind of racial movement like the KKK or revive them, will meet the same end. So there will be no Ku Klux Klans, Ching Chong Chink’s, Big Dick Niggers/Black Panthers, or any kind of racial movement that supports the radical side of racism. You can be as racist as you want in your homes and outside of your homes so long as you never ever touch a noose in your life or do anything of the radical sort. You can still randomly call your black neighbors a bunch of filthy coons. You can call my friends Chinese father a chink for all we care. But you are expected to live and believe in the equal sharing of this planet called earth. You wanna be as racist as before, then go to Mars or some shit like that. Die of oxygen deprevation for all we care. And if ANY one person is caught uttering words that speak of intent to harm others based on race, then we’ll inact Martial Law. I think. Basically we will replace the Police force with miltary force enacting the enforcement of the law of any sort. You’ll be watched 24/7 and have copters over the skies 24/7. No one will be safe enough to even commit a simple burglary of a simple gummy worm from Krogers. And if we find that no one reported any case of radical racism, then we’ll enact Martial Law and also enact a curfew for all within the country of 7:00 PM. Anyone caught outside will be detained in a federal prison for 7 weeks. But remember. This isn’t an act against your freedom. In general. You’ll still be able to listen to pirated songs from Japan, like Hare Hare Yukai, on Youtube, and you’ll still be able to view as much porn as you want without us breathing down your neck for it. Unless it’s child porn that you captured yourself with the 5 kids you have in your basement. Floyd Masterson. Then we’ll gut you like a fish and hang you with your own entrails, but not before hanging you with a noose first. Now fuck off and carry on with your day.”

And that’s where this odd nightmare ended. And I know the idea is fucking Satanically bat-shit crazy, but it made me wonder and hope that said wonder is wrong.

Is such a scenario the ONLY way to possibly assure the eradication of such radical racism? I hope not.

Now fuck off or leave a comment. Either way here’s a vid for ya. Also this is where ya stop taking the post seriously. Ya nigger ass, coon loving, spicks.