Things I hate. Again.

Gonna start putting shit like this in pages. You cunt lickers.

Things I hate. Reiteration.

1: Yurifags.

2: Yaoifags.

3: Hetfags.

4: FapMaterialFags.

5: AnyFag (Does not include ACTUAL homosexuals. Only includes fags of particular media).


6: Greedy ass deviantartists who think they can just get away with expecting EVERYONE to shovel out money for their art. There’s a difference between telling an ordinary financially poor deviantartist to pay up their hard earned groceries for your garbage art, compared to telling people who obviously have a history of commissioning people to pay up that much.

Just because someone wants a commission doesn’t mean they have the money to pay for a fucking 50 dollar sketch of a chibi Naruto. Nor are they wrong at all for looking for other artists who offer within their current price range.

Here’s half a message I left to someone talking about why you don’t just shovel your cash out to these ingrates.

Why don’t you try and see how far people get when they shovel out all their money for art, and then find they don’t even have enough money to pay for groceries? See how far that gets you and others. This is why we had a crash to begin with. Because of greedy fucknuggets like you.

You need to check your privileges when it comes to other people. You don’t have the privilege of deciding what others are going to price their god damn art for. Nor will you ever have it as a right. If I see a guy pricing his art and it looks okay for what I want then I have EVERY right to take the offer and it doesn’t make me wrong for trying to find a more efficient price. Otherwise everyone who buys inexpensive foods are wrong. Why not do the stupid thing and waste money on one expensive thing when you can pay other more efficient prices now, and pay later when you have enough money for the more expensive stuff? Real smart huh? Paying 50 bucks for some fancy ass shit that you don’t need when you can find cheaper for an okay to decent quality! Or better yet, just pay 50 when they charge 20! May as well give 50 dollar tips everywhere you go!

Such smart.

Very Intelligent.


Be a dumbass
Shovel money to buy one thing instead of many useful things?

So knowledge, Such Smart, Very Education, Much Clever, Wow.

Now if you wanted to be greedy just to be greedy, then I’d not have a problem. Just as it’s any artists free right and will to decide their own prices, instead of listening to self righteous pricks, you also have the right to be as greedy as possible. But you’re a fucking pussy ass cunt licking shit if you think you’re clever or smart for trying to pretend like you’re some noble keyboard warrior who knows everything when you can’t even see the consequences of buying one super expensive thing over a multitude of less expensive but still decent things.

Doge is not impressed with your general lack of marketing skills and overall skills in finance. You don’t start a business and not run it into the ground without ignoring the most expensive things first and buy them later when you’re more well known.

And you don’t buy expensive art over inexpensive art just because. Fucking nigga ass hoodrat morons.


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