Things I wish were fads

Stalking puppies: I wanna stalk yo puppies.

Licking trees: Some people really are tree huggers. Don’t be hatin. Start the lovin.

Praying to the Fonz: Some people really do worship the Fonz. Ask Mr Lardo himself, Peter Griffin.


Rich people breaking into middle class peoples houses and leaving a million dollars in each one: Cause we gots to get money too. The poor people could use that as well.

And well… That’s all I can think of for now. Now fuck off and stuff some white cheese up your booty holes whilst I go and stalk this Shiba Inu and it’s hairy ass old man of an owner.

And don’t forget to check out Amazon for some great cosplay deals. I’m gonna be buying either that wig I mentioned in my last post or that wooden Yamato sword later on when I get enough money.



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